"summer party" - one year Biowein-Store

We open our doors, hearts and a selection of bottles of our wine for everyone who is into wine.

Our summer party will take place on Friday 6 of September.

Special price:
1 tasting glass of sparkling wine for 2 Euro (limited)
In combination there will be served a large selection of fine organic wines (unlimited)

Feel free to come and go as you like

We can’t believe we’ve made it this far! While the shop next door burnt down and one further away was ransacked by the cops (toi-toi and knock on wood) Biowein-Store is still standing and going stronger than ever! It’s been a year full of learning experiences, but what a joy it’s been to get to know our wonderful neighbors and customers! Who would have thought that wine drinkers were such a friendly bunch, huh?

One of our success stories, though, has been our recurring wine-tasting event “Open-Bottle”! Therefore we plan to combine our b-day fiesta with an extra extra Sparkling Wine - Open Bottle Special. Not a fan of the bubbly? No need to fret! As an extra treat we are dusting off our back stock and will serve what we find extra cheap! Hate cheap stuff as well? No worries. Just to blow everyone’s minds we will complement the menu with some of our most exclusive wines. (Yeah I’m looking at you Lugana Pratello!)

So come one, come all, let’s have a ball!

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